Remco de Reus - Car Sculptures
Project 1

Futuristic F1 Concept Car
Project 2

Bugatti 1000HP LSR Concept
Project 3

Bugatti Type 64 Concept

About me

Hi, my name is Remco de Reus. I am a professional digital automotive artist based in Best, just northwest of Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Actually, I started all this purely as a hobby. Encouraged and supported by friends and family I started my solo company in 2018.

And within a year, in 2019, I came into contact with Amalgam Collection resulting in an exclusive long-term partnership with them. Nowadays I still design miniature sculptures that capture iconic car designs for Amalgam Collection. I am also active as an Amalgam sales agent for the Netherlands.

Feel free to explore more of my works at Amalgam Collection.

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Sales inquiries


Please keep in mind that I am currently not available for freelance work, including sculptures and designs. Neither do I sell physical sculptures of the models on this website. Please visit the official website of Amalgam Collection if you are interested in purchasing one of my works or contact Sandy Copeman to discuss special sculpture projects:

Phone: +44 7525 218 319

Scale models

If you are interested in purchasing Amalgam scale models or perhaps even interested in becoming an official Amalgam dealer, then feel free to get in touch. As an official Amalgam sales agent for the Netherlands, I am able to provide all necessary services ranging from relaying communication to the actual purchase and handling process. Both for dealers and directly between Amalgam Collection and end customers.

Company information

Remco de Reus - Car Sculptures
Chamber of Commerce number 71454136
Best, Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands

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